One Charity "Free From Famine"

Were were delighted when approached to provide the music score and sound design for this great animated campaign (Free From Famine) from the charity organisation ONE. Their past campaigns have been packed by many of the biggest film stars in the world and it's a pleasure to supply music and sound for their latest piece.

Music & Sound design, Zelig Sound
Created by FutureDeluxe
Composers: Aleah Morrison & Matthew Wilcock
Creative Director - Andrew Jones
Lead animator - Jim Howells
Animation & post production - Jason Drew
Illustration: Peter Greenwood
Animatic & storyboards: Persistant Peril / Will Scobie


The “F-word” resonated loudly last night in Paris as anti-poverty campaign group ONE teamed up with the City of Paris to send a shocking message to G20 leaders, who are meeting later this week in Cannes. The square of the Paris Town Hall was plunged in complete darkness while ONE’s “F-Famine” and “A future without famine” videos were projected onto the wall of the Town Hall.