Viasat World: Epic Drama Launch Idents

Epic, detailed sound design and unique music cues that feel familar across all idents due to their shared harmony and arrangements.

Enticing viewers to this new premium drama channel with a series of captivating idents.

Epic Drama is a new channel from Viasat World, focused on the best period drama from around the world.

We were tasked with conceiving and creating a set of launch idents that would embody the spirit of the visually indulgent and lavish content of the new channel. Each ident merges the abstract with the literal to express the core programming themes; covering war, crime, romance and politics. We also delivered a more abstract generic spot that encompasses the overall cinematic and alluring tone of the channel.

Music / sound design / Mix: Zelig Sound
Creative / visuals: Weare17
Client: Viasat